Bring your baby, get fit, have fun and meet other mums!


Frequently asked questions



How long does the class last?


60 minutes, including a warm up and cool down.



Where, when and how much?


New class held at the Arboretum in Walsall (meeting point is at the Arboretum Visitor Centre ).  launching on Thursday 21st July @ 10.30 am - 11.30 am and will be held every Thursday at the same time thereafter. An additional class will be added in the future, so check back if you're unable to make that  particular day. Parking is free too!


Pay As You Go: £4.00


Monthly ( 1 session a week): £15.00




What should I do with my baby whilst I exercise?


Obviously, your baby will want some attention from you whilst your exercising and this is fine because you can always stop and start whenever you need to. Babies usually find the walking part of the class quite soothing when they're in the buggy. Babies will always be facing you when we stop to do the drills. Believe it or not, babies can give you resistance that you need during some workouts. As your baby grows, they will become heavier to carrier which will help you to get much stronger.



What should I wear/bring ?


Gym clothes that are comfortable for you to move around in ( and a good sports bra! )

Waterproof coat and rain cover for your buggy on those rainy days.

Bring a bottle of water, buggy and of course a changing bag for your baby.



Do you run classes on rainy days?


Classes are run come rain or shine! It always best to dress yourself and your baby in layers, just incase it does rain. A waterproof coat is always handy. If a session has to be cancelled due to the weather, you will be contacted via text or call.




Are there toilets on site?


Yes,  in the playground and at the visitors centre towards the lake.



Do I need a special pushchair ?


Not at all. A normal buggy will do just fine, just make sure it is in good working order and the handles are at a comfortable height.



When can I start ?


It advised that you attend your 6 week check up  ( 12 weeks for c-sections) at the doctors before resuming exercise.